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Configure Somfy 4x2.5 RTS Receiver and Telis 4?

Hi there,

We had our blinds set up and I tried to clone a second Telis 4 remote from the previously working first remote. Things went wrong.... :(

Each blind (4 of them) was configured to a channel on the Telis 4 with the 5th channel activating all of the blinds. Now this is no longer configured correctly and I can't find the correct instructions of how to reconfigure it.

I'm selecting the channel on the RTS Receiver which jogs the blind up/down. Then I select the channel on the Telis 4 which also jolts the blind. But then I don't seem to be able to reliably save that configuration as when I press the up / down buttons, a different blind moves.

Can someone tell me the correct programming procedure / button presses? It's getting quite frustrating :(


Simon F.
Simon F.

Simon F.

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