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Remote control 'my' button fully resets configuration?

I have a screen installation on my balcony that has 3 vertical wind-proof screens (covering the 3 sides of the balcony).

I recently had the situation where the left screen suddenly stopped working and did not move anymore. Both other screens were moving up and down whenever requested.

After calling the company who installed the screens I was told that the programming was most likely reset.

Apparently if you press the 'my' button on the 'Situo 5 RTS Pure' remote control for more than 2 seconds it will change or reset the programming and the only way to get this resolved is to call a service provider to get it fixed on-site.

So, do I really have a remote (or system) that can brick itself by long-pressing a button and requires service personnel on-site to get it fixed again?

Or did the company who installed the system just misconfigure something horribly?



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