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Somfy Protect App IOS - how to activate notification sound?

I have unfortunately received my first alarms for the Somfy Protect app on iOS while I was on vacation and distant, couldn’t intervene in first person. I saw the several notifications AFTER I woke up in the morning. How can I make the app on the phone emit sound for the notifications? I could not see any options within the Somfy app, nor in iPhone settings.

I presume it was a false alarm at home as the tag involved continued every so often to set things off during the course of the day. But I only new in real time when I was using my phone, not if it laid at a distance unused.

I feel it is important to receive a sound notification when something happens. How can I obtain this? Ideally the app should be able to also notify me if on the iPhone “Do no disturb” (the half moon symbol” is activated.

Thank you for any suggestions

R B.
R B.

R B.

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