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Alexa and Tahoma

I have tried everything possible to get Alexa to discover Tahoma but its not possible.

Can someone guide me on this, i have the skill enabled but alexa simply does not find the Tahoma device..driving me nuts, feel like i have wasted my money on this.

Mark B.
Mark B.

Mark B.

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Somfy T.
Somfy T.

Somfy T.

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Hello Mark,

To link TaHoma and Alexa, you must log into your TaHoma account through the Alexa Skill in the settings.

Once the skill is linked to your TaHoma account, it would not list the devices connected to TaHoma, rather it shows any Scenarios that have been set up in the TaHoma interface. 

For Alexa to turn on plug 1 or plug 2, you would have to set up a scenario for this in TaHoma. Then within the Alexa app you can discover devices and it should show you the scenario you have set up within the Scenes area of Alexa.

TaHoma Scenarios                     Alexa Scenes

When using the skill, you need established names for your scenes. You can use the names you already set up. These are shown in the TaHoma app or in the TaHoma web portal in Scenarios and can be changed to suit.

Once you know the name of your scenario/scene, you can say for example:

- "Alexa, turn on Fan On."

- "Alexa, turn on Go Time."

- “Alexa, turn on Lamp Off.” 

You can use Alexa Routines for more flexibility with the voice control if you wish.

Thanks ☺

Somfy Team

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