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RTS Compatibility Sonesse 30 RTS Li-ion and Keytis 2

I have three roller blind motors - 2 x Sonesse 40 RTS and 1 x Sonesse 30 RTS.

I have successfully programmed all 3 motors to a Situo 1 remote - no problem.

I am trying to add a Keytis 2 remote to all 3 motors. I do this by pressing and holding the program button on the back of the Situo then shorting the prog contacts on the back of the Keytis circuit board then pressing button 1.

Both the Sonesse 40 motors pair up fine but the Sonesse 30 does nothing and seems to not recognise the Keytis at all. I have also tried pressing and holding the button on the motor head but the result is the same.

Any help gratefully appreciated. The Sonesse 30 motor is on the entrance door so the customer (already a Somfy site) really needs to use the Keytis keyring remote for this blind more than the others!

Richard S.
Richard S.

Richard S.

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