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How to remove one roller shutter from the group?

Hello. I have 4 roller shutters and Situo 5 io remote. At first the remote was configured to drive each shutter separately at channel #1-#4 and all together at channel #5. Children were playing with the remote and made channel #1 work together with #3. So now when I want to move the only shutter #1 I have also moving shutter #3. Channel #3 works correctly and moves only #3 shutter. Please help to exclude shutter #3 from channel #1 and leave the only moving of the shutter #1 at this channel. And one more question. If I want to regroup channel #5 or to use it with shutter #5 how to erase an old group programm and reconfigure it to another shutter or group. Thank you in advance!
P.S. I forgot to add that each shutter has it’s own power off switch so it should be not a problem.

Aleksey V.
Aleksey V.

Aleksey V.

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