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blinds not responding after battery change?

I have two battery powered roman blinds operated by a Telis4 remote. Every time I replace the batteries I lose control of the blinds ie not responding, one goes up while the other comes down etc. (This didn’t happen the first couple of times I changed the batteries, but now it’s every time.)
This time, after battery change, the blind on ch1 is ok but the one on ch2 refuses to even respond to any input from the remote.
The reason we went for battery remote control is because the blinds are very high and difficult to get to, so having this performance every year is getting really tiresome and they will be consigned to the bin if we can’t get a resolution. The alternative is to call out the people who supplied and fitted them to change the batteries, which seems a bit excessive, not to mention costly.
Any ideas on what I can do to regain control would be appreciated. If there is some way to stop the blinds from losing their memory during battery replacement that too would be great.

Ian S.
Ian S.

Ian S.

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