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The answer is basically no (and then yes). Samsung Smarthings do not support this protocol and I doubt they ever will. However if you are building a smart home and want to control them with your voice, you kinda can. Firtsly I assume you are using the Connexoon app to control the blinds from your smartphone. Generally this is not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. However they recently added a skill on amazon alexa (which I have) as well as a new applet on IFTTT.

The basic workaround for RTS blinds being voice controlled is as follows... Create and account on IFTTT and link this to your alexa or google assistant. For Amazon Alexa make sure you download the TaHoma skill and link that to your account (for google I am not sure how that works as I have none.

Once all linked the concept is that you can say "Alexa, trigger blinds up" - and assuming you have a scenario setup on the TaHoma or Connexoon app, it will execute it.

Clearly this is not the best experience and requires a lengthy setup (especially if you have many blinds and you want to customise multiple commands) but it does work.

Recently however I have issues connexting to the TaHoma app (despite that they all seem to have a single sign in username and password) with the main problem to that being that TaHoma app is really the only place you can see a full list of your "scenarios". If a failed login happens it also creates intermitent issues on the Connexoon app. I posted a question in regards to fixing this so search for a post "Connexoon - Tahoma - Login Issues".

Hope this helps.

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