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ROLLIXO security light

I have recently had two roller shutter doors fitted. Each one is controlled by a ROLLIXO control box.
On one, whenever you open or close the door, the light on the ROLLIXO box illuminates for 2 minutes. This is in line with the operating manual. The other door, the light operates in this way when you open the door and if you lower it BUT it stays on for 6 minutes when you close the door to the floor.
We are happy with this but I am concerned that it could point to a fault that might shorten the life of another component. For example, could there be a failure to detect that the door was touching the floor (motor overcurrent, I presume) that allows the motor to be driven for longer than necessary, so shortening its life.
As far as I can see, there is no way to program an extended period of illumination. During the extended period of illumination, we hear a noise like a relay or switch opetating at 2 mins and 4 mins.
Do I have a problem that I should refer back to the installer?

Christopher F.
Christopher F.

Christopher F.

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