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Factory reset on tilt and lift 25 motors and tells/telis 4 remotes

I have recently purchased 13 venetian blinds that include the lift and tilt 25 its battery operated motor. As I used several suppliers (due to the sizes I required), some blinds came with single remote and others i purchased the tells 4 remote.

As the blinds came with the remotes and limits programmed, some of them are too long when operated. I would therefore like to re-programme all the entire blinds to match my needs.

I have tried resetting one of the blinds by pressing the program button on the motor until it jogs twice but when I take control using a specific remote, the remote is still programmed to another blind.

I would really like some help on how to factory reset all the blinds and all the remotes so I can start again. (ie, do I need to unplug all the blinds, factory reset 1 by one and how can I reset all the programmes on a telis 4 remote?

Any help will be much appreciated as I have searched online and tried to follow some Youtube videos too!

Alan P.
Alan P.

Alan P.

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