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Somfy Protect iOS app refresh issue

I reported this issue on the iOS App Store via a review and the Somfy developers suggested I contact support to report the issue in more detail... however I can’t find how to contact Somfy Support and the telephone number on the support webpage never answers or is always engaged.

I’ve been experiencing an issue with the Somfy Protect app and the issue is still present in the latest version, 3.2.0. The app has a basic refresh issue whereby it doesn’t display the correct alarm status text when switching to the app or opening a push notification.

The graphic on the main home screen refreshes correctly to indicate the correct alarm status but the text above it e.g. “alarm is off” or “alarm is on” is not updated automatically. Nor is the User List automatically refreshed either. Random red “default error message” pop-ups appear all the time too. You have to manually pull to refresh each time which is really annoying. This bug was introduced when the app UI was updated in May 2018 and still hasn’t been fixed despite numerous subsequent releases.

Attached is a screen-shot to help illustrate the issue. In the screen-shot the Somfy Protect alarm has been enabled but when I open the app the icon shows the alarm enabled but the text still says “alarm is OFF”. In addition the users section shows me as at home when in fact I was away from home. Pulling to refresh the view causes the display to be updated and show the correct info - it this shouldn’t be necessary. Switching to the app or opening a push notification from the app should always automatically refresh the view and display the up-to-date information.

Please provide this info to your iOS app developers and let me know what other info you need to fix this issue.

Note: this issue doesn’t occur when launching the app from a fresh start (e.g. when the app isn’t already loaded and resident in RAM). But it happens whenever the app is already loaded and in the background.

Stuart C.
Stuart C.

Stuart C.

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