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Linking Somfy to Alexa and sun sensor

I currently have a series of motorised blinds that use the Telis remote and a Vera Edge controller. I've connected the latter to an Amazon Echo and setup a routine through which I can tell Alexa to open or close the blinds. I also have a couple of Thermosunis sensors to control the blinds. However I'm stuck with a few things and would welcome some advice:

1. I can't work out how to setup the Echo integration so that I can ask Alexa to open or close one of the blinds rather than all of them (I have 5 blinds in total)

2. I can't work out how to setup the Echo integration so that I can reposition any or all of the blinds to a defined position (e.g. 40% closed). On the Telis this is set as the MY position for each blind and I'm looking to replicate this function

If I enable the Thermosunis sensors I have two more questions:

3. Given they are only sun/temp-sensitive, they presumably have an inbuilt timer to check and then take action if necessary. There may be occasions during the day when I want to override the Thermosunis (e.g. have a blind open when the Thermosunis may otherwise close it). Is the only way to do this by switching off the Thermosunis? Is there an alternative product I could use which would provide better integration for what I want? I have some limited experience of ITTT

4. I've setup timed routines within my Vera Edge controller to close the blinds at 1hr after sunset and open at 10:00am. Would the Thermosunis override these settings? For example would it be constantly checking through the night for sun, and therefore re-open the blinds because it's under the threshold required to close them?

Appreciate I've asked rather a lot - any guidance on any part of the above would be most welcome.



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