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I just purchased two myfox security cameras and can't get them to pair with the app. I followed the directions and tried 50 times. The camera are reset and flashing blue. I go to the app and select a 2.4ghz network and I'll get the QR Code, it will beep and flash white for a bit than switch to blue purpe and than red and will get stuck on red. I have to reset the camera and try again, but it ALWAYS does the same thing. I have tried on my home netwrok and my friends netork with different equipment and the result is the same.

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Hi Marshal,

Have you ensured that the internet connection is correctly configured?

You have mentioned you are connected to the 2.4ghx network and have tried a friends network also.

Can you check the following points as they can be the cause of connection issues that will cause the Camera not to install correctly

• Smartphone connected on the same network

• SSID must not be hidden

• Make sure that your bandwidth is at least 500 Kbps or higher

• Wi-Fi passwords can’t contain to much special characters

• Make sure you are close to the router during installation, you can reposition afterwards.


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