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Somfy Wirefree solar motors losing power?

I have two large Roof Lanterns 2m x 3m which have Somfy powered Solar/NIMH battery powered motors to power the two concertina blackout blinds.
They were installed 2 years ago but lately they seem to be losing power. It seems like either the battery packs are not charging properly or the motor is losing power. whats strange is that BOTH blinds are struggling to close.

I removed the batteries from one and recharged them in a wall charger yesterday but today it still struggled to open and close.

We are based in South London and the Lanterns are East facing. The NIMH batteries were 2100MAH I think but surely they shouldnt need replacing so soon?

When I removed them they did have charge but were not fully charged and took about a hour in my wall charger to charge up.



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