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I can’t reset the link to a new WiFi system?

I can’t reset the link to a new WiFi system

Karen O.
Karen O.

Karen O.

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Somfy T.
Somfy T.

Somfy T.

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Hi Karen,

Have you gone through the steps within the settings to change the Links WiFi network?

> From the Somfy Protect application, go to “My components” in the “Settings” menu, then select the Link.

> Press “Change WiFi network”; a screen will ask you to confirm this action.

> Follow the onscreen step by step to find your network and enter the password.

Please be aware that the following are not supported with the Link;

  • WPA-TKIP security protocol (this protocol is no longer supported by the WiFi Alliance)
  • WPA-CCMP security protocol (activated by default on certain free residential gateway boxs)
  • 5.0 GHz WiFi networks
  • WEP keys with fewer than 128 bits
  • the characters “+” and “&” in the WiFi password during the initial installation (after installation and the first update, these characters are accepted)
  • the name of the WiFi (SSID) network and the password together must not exceed 45 characters in length
  • spaces in the name of the WiFi (or SSID) network and in the WiFi password


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