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Can I use the Somfy One sensors with Tahoma?

I have a Somfy One+ with Intelitags and motion sensors plus Tahoma. I would like to set up Tahoma automations that trigger when a sensor is activated.
I have the One+ camera connected to Tahoma but it does not show the picture, just a black screen. I can also switch the alarm on and off with Tahoma. So I have found some things but not the sensors.

Adrian R.
Adrian R.

Adrian R.

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Somfy T.
Somfy T.

Somfy T.

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Hi Adrian,

Only the Somfy Protect cameras can be integrated with TaHoma at present to allow access to the video feed and arming or disarming the camera. The IntelliTAGs and Motion Sensors are not compatible with TaHoma, nor is it possible to trigger a scenario using the Somfy Protect peripheral devices.

I will raise the issue you are having with accessing the Somfy One+ feed through TaHoma , as this should give you access to the Camera's live feed.


Somfy Team

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