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The Telis1 RTS does not make the motor move when pressed the PROG button?

We got two brand new blinds with a Telis1 remote control. And we have also bought the Tahoma box too.
We have followed the instruction and pressed UP/DOWN at the same time to link the motor and the remote. This works fine and the remote is now able to move the blind up and down when pressing the buttons. This goes for both blinds one at the time.
BUT when we want it in PROG mode, then when we press the button on the back nothing happens. the little move up and down does not happen.
We have pressed the PROG shortly, more than 3 sec, and for up to 10 sec, no matter what nothing happens. The red light on the front lights up, but nothing happens on the motor.
When we press the PROG button on the motor, the correct little movement occurs.
We have also tried to erase the remote from the motor and start over, but this did not fix it.
The hole issue is that we are trying to connect the blind to the Tahoma App, but the instructions for adding device says that the control shall be used in PROG mode, and as that does not work, we cannot connect to the App.
Please help.

Sandra H.
Sandra H.

Sandra H.

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Somfy T.
Somfy T.

Somfy T.

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Hi Sandra,

Can you confirm that your blinds are working correctly, that you can operate them as normal using the up, my and down buttons?

For connecting to TaHoma the instructions are on the TaHoma web page, and only require the use of the prog button on your remote when linking the motor to TaHoma.

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