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Positioning and installing the Somfy Protect outdoor siren

Positioning and installing the Somfy Protect outdoor siren

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The outdoor siren can only be installed via the Somfy Protect mobile app. The Link must be installed first.
Caution: The siren pairing procedure must be started from the app before fastening it on the facade of your house.

Installation procedure:
1. Pairing the siren with the Link
In the app, select: Menu, Settings, My equipment, Add equipment, outdoor siren.

Follow the instructions in the app:
1. You must not fasten the base of the siren to the wall before the application tells you to do so. Furthermore, you must not screw the base to the siren. This step is completed later.
2. Turn the siren over to access the batteries and removed the tab. If the tab has already been removed, simply turning the siren over will pair it with the Link.
3. Close the battery cover.
The siren is now paired with the Link!

Validate the location in which the siren will be fastened to the facade of your house:
1. How to choose the right location for your siren.
You must decide where to fasten the siren according to the configuration of the house and the location of the Link: it must be within the Link’s radio range, otherwise it cannot work.
The location defined must be at a certain height to prevent anyone pulling it off. We recommend that you choose a visible facade of the house to alert neighbours of an attempted break-in thanks to the flashing and the 112dB siren.
2. Test mode: the siren is flashing
This will help you to confirm that the location in which the siren is placed is within the radio range of the Link: if the siren flashes, this means that it is an acceptable distance from the Link.
During test mode, you must remain on the test mode screen to enable the siren to flash.
The app asks you to go outside to the chosen location and to position the siren in the exact location in which you intend to fasten it.
If the siren continues to flash: it is within radio range of the Link and the location chosen is ideal
If the siren no longer flashes: it is not within radio range of the Link and you must choose a different location
Fasten the siren in the chosen location
You can now carry out the work. You will need the following tools and accessories:
an electrical drill/driver
a Philips screwdriver
a pencil for marking
the template provided
3 screws + 3 plugs provided
a ladder or step-ladder
the base of the siren

1. Using the template provided, drill in the three places indicated.
2. The base of the siren can now be screwed in using the screws and plugs provided.
3. As the base is now fastened to the wall, you are asked to clip the siren to the base, aligning the marks. You must hear a confirmation “click”
4. Triggering the siren (1 sec.)
On the following screen, you can trigger the siren for 1 second, which is enough to check that the siren is operational.
5. Activating the self-protection
This last screen asks you to activate the siren’s self-protection.</p><p>This self-protection ensures a high level of security: the siren will sound if someone tries to remove the equipment and you will be alerted by notification on your smartphone.

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