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How can I open my roller garage door after a power cut?

I recently moved into a house with a Somfy roller garage door installed.

The previous owner claims that he neither received a manual / over ride shank.

This poses a problem for me - fuse boxes are located in the garage - no way to get in when there is a power cut.

I called Somfy who provided me with the incorrect number for Technical services.

I have tried local installers, non of whom can help.

Where can I:

a: get a manual for the garage door (can't see one on the website which seems to address what to do in a power outage)

b: get my hands on a crank to over ride (at present there is a key panel at the side of the door - described as the "over ride" to us, this is no more than a key barrel that comes out to leave a hole in the wall).

Any help gratefully received - seem to be running out of options to the point that I am currently considering having the door removed and replaced with something simpler.

Thanks in advance!!

Edward G.
Edward G.

Edward G.

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